Music by Bruno Ruviaro

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Pós-Tudos (2015-16)
Twelve etudes for piano solo.

Mozart and the Elections (2016)
Laptop orchestra.

Sympathy (2015)
SATB choir, electronic sounds through cell phones playback, mason jars, with audience participation. Co-author: Scot Hanna-Weir.

Inaudible Harp (2015)
Live-electronics improvisation over the network. Co-author: Juan-Pablo Caceres.

Cinema for the Ears (a film without images) (2015)
75-minute electroacoustic surround sound.

Wherever We Are (2014)
Laptop Orchestra and video projection.

Mesmo Que Depois (2013)
Eight-channel electroacoustic sounds.

Electric Arcs (2013)
Four-channel electroacoustic improvisation with Bernardo Barros.

Trombone Memoirs Remix (2013)
Electroacoustic sounds, 2 channels.

Clippings (2012)
Female voice and flute.

Intellectual Improperty 0.6 (2010)
Laptop orchestra.

Drei, Dai, Dry (2010)
Viola, violoncello and percussion.

Unspell (2009)
Voice and electronics, 2 channels.

Cleaner (2009)
Electroacoustic sounds, 2 channels.

De sorte que l’on peut faire un usage étendu (2009)
Accordion and live-electronics.

Biologie Littorale des Mers Temperées (2008)
Violoncello solo.

Study on Japanese Themes (2008)
Electroacoustic sounds, 2 channels.

Três Fontes (2008)
Tenor saxophone solo.

Anomia (2007)
Chamber ensemble (six or fourteen players).

Seis Vícios de Garlândia (2006)
Clarinets, cello, percussion.

Sete Vazios (2006)
Piano solo.

In Other Words, (2005-2006)
Soprano saxophone, prepared piano and live electronics.

Chamber of the Late Half-Hour (2005)
Electroacoustic sounds, 4 channels.
Co-author: Juan-Pablo Caceres.

Entrei pelo Canon No. 2 (2005)
Piano solo.

Instantânea (2005)
Prepared piano and live-electronics.

Ventania (2004-2005)
Flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion.

Têmpulo (2004)
For percussion trio.

The Spell of Speech (2004)
Actress, live-electronics and electroacoustic sounds.

Gedankenfabrik (2003)
12 instruments and electroacoustic sounds.

Fonepoemas (2003)
Electroacoustic sounds, 2 channels.

Kate’s Bored; It’s a Rainy Day. (2003)
Electroacoustic sounds, 2 channels. Co-author: Masaki Kubo.

Thirteen Small Parts of Something (2003)
Piano and live-electronics. Co-author: Masaki Kubo.

K (1999-2003)
Three percussionists and electroacoustic sounds.

Japanese Dishes (2003)
Electroacoustic sounds, 2 channels.

Entrei pelo Canon 1a (2003)
4 recorded male voices.

triPoe:try (2003)
Mixed choir. Texts by Poe, cummings and Mallarme.

Four Hands(-on) (2003)
Four hands piano.

Seven infinitely short periods of (winter) time (2002)
Piano, Bb clarinet and violin.

Dois Pontos Sobre Uma Linha Curva (2002)
Piano solo.

Fragmentos de Cartas, Poemas, Silêncios, Retratos (2001)
String orchestra.

Demo & Palavra Prima (2001)
Two electroacoustic miniatures, 2 channels.

Pérolas e Porcarias (2001)
5 musical scenes for actor, percussionist and baritone. Text fragments by Augusto de Campos, Hilda Hilst, Goethe and brazilian newspapers.

Fausto Zero (2000)
Music for theater; original music for “Urfaust” (Goethe).

Edipo Rei (2000)
Music for theatre, “Edipo Rei” (Sophocles).

Pneuma Ápeiron (2000)
Piano, violin, viola and cello.

Tubular (1999)
Electroacoustic sounds, 2 channels.

Instabilices (1999, rev. 2002)
Piano solo.

Nada a Te Dizer (1998-2000)
Piano and female voice; texts by Molière, Quino, Ventura.

Cerâmica (1997)
Mixed choir and three actors; poems by Carlos Drummond de Andrade.

Música para Piano (1995)
Piano solo.

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